Cerberus Software
Online Analysis
performed with Cerberus version 12.5

Terms of Service

  1. These Terms of Service address the Cerberus Online service offered by Aradia Consulting.
  2. This service is provided by Paul Brown, dba Aradia Consulting in Montgomery County, Texas, USA. Aradia Consulting is not affiliated with the software vendor NOV-CTES.
  3. Your company must have a valid Cerberus license. This service provides support for existing Cerberus customers, and is not an alternative to purchasing a license.
  4. Modeling is performed by Aradia Consulting based on input data provided by the customer, who is entirely responsible for the accuracy of that data.
  5. In situations where input data is unavailable or incomplete, the customer grants Aradia Consulting discretion to make common-sense assumptions in order to progress the modeling to the next stage. Any such assumptions will be clearly brought to the customer's attention at the next review stage.
  6. Aradia Consulting does not have detailed knowledge of the specific tools or equipment available to each service company, and therefore any recommendations for devices such as tractors, rollers and knuckle joints may be generic.
  7. While every effort is made to ensure that modeling is done in accordance with the methods and procedures provided by the Cerberus modeling software, Aradia Consulting does not guarantee the accuracy of results or recommendations delivered under this service, and is not liable for any actions or consequences arising from the customer's interpretation or use of these results or recommendations in subsequent operations.
  8. If the customer is unhappy with the service provided by Aradia Consulting, the fee will be waived as long as adequate notification of the problem has been given and an opportunity given to resolve the problem.
  9. Should the customer dispute any aspect of the results or other deliverable, any compensation shall not exceed the amount paid or due for the Service.

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