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performed with Cerberus version 12.5

Aradia Consulting is owned by Paul Brown, who as Senior Vice President of CTES from 1995-2005 was the primary designer of the Cerberus modeling suite. He still works closely with CTES on enhancements and support issues such as training, including online Cerberus tutorials.

Before CTES Paul spent 12 years in various international positions with Schlumberger, including as wireline field engineer, research scientist (multiphase fluid mechanics), downhole tool designer, project manager (downhole flowmetering) and coiled tubing specialist (fatigue modeling). He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in engineering from the University of Cambridge, England, specializing in fluid mechanics, acoustics and aeronautics. He has also authored numerous technical papers on coiled tubing and multiphase fluid mechanics.

Aradia Consulting provides engineering management, software and training to the coiled tubing and wireline industries.

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